Welcome !!

We are so happy to have you part of the Storymakers Guild.

  1. Please update your profile information. (Link below your login name upper right corner.)
  2. If you want the Storymakers Guild Newsletter, check the box on your edit profile page. It is important that you do this step or you cannot receive the newsletters. They will let you know what is going on in the guild and are only sent roughly once a month. We don’t want to overwhelm your inbox.
  3. We would love to add you to our guild Facebook page. It is a great place to network, ask questions, and it is where we hold special guild-only classes. Please make sure to include your Facebook name when you update your profile and you will be invited to join.
  4. Setup Annual Dues via PayPal subscription. Until you complete this step you are not an official member of the guild and can be removed for nonpayment. The button below will set up a $20 subscription that will renew each year on this date.

Any questions or concerns? Contact